Lose weight: is protein bread helpful in losing weight?

Lose weight: is protein bread helpful in losing weight?

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"Slim in your sleep": protein bread to lose weight?

So-called protein breads are being offered in an increasing number of bakeries and supermarkets. These contain fewer carbohydrates, but significantly more protein than conventional breads. This is why some people who want to lose weight resort to such products, since a low-carbohydrate, protein-rich diet is said to promote weight loss. But do protein breads actually help you lose weight?

Many bakeries and supermarkets now offer so-called protein breads, reports the Consumer Center Bavaria in a current message. These breads have a significantly higher protein content and are therefore often advertised as a figure-friendly alternative to the classic supper meal. But can they really help you lose weight?

Less carbohydrates - more protein

As the consumer center writes on its website, bakeries, supermarkets and discounters have been offering protein bread, protein evening bread or even bread rolls for some time, which are intended to help reduce weight according to the low-carb principle or the “slim during sleep” weight loss concept.

According to the Bavarian Consumer Service, the protein bread in wheat bread or rye flour contained in "normal" bread is largely replaced by wheat, soy and lupine protein, but also pea and field bean protein. Other ingredients include soy flour and meal, linseed, bran, psyllium husk, sunflower seeds, sesame and fruit fibers. Some breads contain chia seeds or animal protein, such as protein-enriched whey powder.

According to the experts, the reduced carbohydrate content of the bread causes a lower rise in blood sugar after eating the bread. This should reduce insulin release in the evening and thus stimulate fat burning at night.

An overall higher protein intake saturates longer, which means fewer calories are absorbed. A diet with a higher protein content can initially lead to a greater weight reduction compared to a low-protein diet.

A high protein intake can have a positive influence on, among other things, an existing fatty liver. If there is a dysfunction, high protein intake can worsen kidney function. In addition, the effects of insulin may deteriorate, which increases the risk of diabetes.

Higher calorie content

The success of this diet concept is questionable, according to the Consumer Service, because it is not supported by scientific methods in this form. Ultimately, the decisive factor for weight loss is the total amount of calories consumed each day.

“Protein breads have no advantage here. Their calorie content is often even higher than that of normal bread because they contain significantly more fat through the addition of seeds, seeds and nuts, ”explains Silke Noll, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center. In terms of taste and texture, protein breads can differ significantly from breads with classic recipes. (ad)

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