Pregnancy despite birth control pills: recall of popular contraceptives initiated

Pregnancy despite birth control pills: recall of popular contraceptives initiated

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Recall for the anti-baby pill drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol from the drug manufacturer "Apotex Corporation"

The US Food and Drug Administration is currently warning of two birth control pills with different batches to monitor food. The manufacturer has meanwhile called back to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Important callback initiated

Fast, safe and convenient: Many women use hormonal contraception. No wonder - the birth control pill usually provides reliable protection against pregnancy when used and used correctly. However, this recall should be observed!

Unsafe method of contraception due to manufacturer errors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently recalling batches of birth control pills. Unwanted pregnancies can occur as the effects may be weakened. Four batches of drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol from the manufacturer "Apotex Corporation" are affected, as reported by the health platform "". According to the health agency, the pills were misplaced. Some pill packs also contain only empty blister packs. This can result in patients not taking a pill and inadvertently triggering a pregnancy through a non-contraceptive effect.

According to the US authorities, such a case has not yet occurred. However, women who have already taken the pill or are not sure whether they have missed a pill should contact their gynecologist or at least the family doctor. The product can also be returned at the local pharmacy.

For a refund of the purchase price or a new pack of another batch. Apotex Corporation wrote on its website: "People should not interrupt therapy, use a non-hormonal birth control method, contact their doctor for medical advice, and return the affected packages to their pharmacist ”.

Side effects of all birth control pills

Taking the pill is always associated with side effects, regardless of the recall. For example, the hormone preparation can lead to weight gain and headaches. It is also known that birth control pills pose a high risk of thrombosis. The pill is a hormonal contraceptive method that can have consequences for the psyche of the users. (sb)

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